Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Emotional Response- Irreversible

The scene that had the most emotional response form me is 'The Rape' scene which was created mainly by the micro features.

My emotional response starts when the strange women tells Alex to 'Take the underpass. Its safer' because she couldn't get a taxi but a women going underground on her own form a night partying and all dressed up is not a good idea personally, here i feel quite hopeless and worried as all i want to do is scream at her (at the screen) to not take the underpass it is dangerous; Here the audience is put into a subjective view point, following Alex going to the underpass, this makes me feel quite anxious as it seem as if someone is following her down there.

As Alex's walk down into the passage i start to feel uneasy as the light is red, which connotes 'danger' and also before the rape took place Alex was saying to Marcos in bed that she had a dream/nightmare about a red tunnel... which is what she is going into. (narrative impact)

During the rape taking place, the camera seemed as if it was put down on the floor right in front of them, one so we can see the contrast in faciel expressions of Alex and 'The Raper'; this make me feel extremily useless and just want to help her, but also makes me feels quite scared as 'The Raper' is higher than the camera therfore higher than the audience which makes him seem like he is in more power, this is also supported by the knife he holds.

The sound during this scene is quite important; whilst watching this the first time, i found myself looking away as well as others, but even tho you look away you can still hear the Diagetic sound; such as Alex screming in horror, this makes me feel very insecure, helpless and scared all at the same time. When 'The Raper' starts to beat Alex (kicking her in the face) after raping her, theres a foley sound, made louder than reality which also increases the horror we feel.

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